Data Security


Keep your critical data safe from any disaster

What would happen if your business is faced with flood or a cyber attack? Or worse, if an employee accidentally clicked on a link that launched ransom-ware that locked up your data? Can you say with confidence that your critical data will be recoverable, that your business can get back up quickly, or at all? The truth is that disasters can happen at any time and only having an antivirus protection or firewall configuration in place just won't cut it anymore. Secure your business’s future with Data Security solution from ITS.

We store your critical files on our off-site data centers so if the worst does happen, you’ll be back up and running within hours.

Data Security solutions from ITS let you enjoy:

  • Ongoing data backups to ensure the safety and availability of your data
  • Fast recovery times and multi-site availability
  • Data encryption and storage in off-site data centers for utmost security
  • Boost client’s trust when they know you have a professional protection plan in place

Ensure your business stands on solid ground should the worst happen

Test your DR Readiness IQ