Is it the end of an era or just the beginning of new opportunities?

March 31st, 2017
Is it the end of an era or just the beginning of new opportunities?

It's hard to see businesses that have been around for a long time, pillars of the industry shutting down or filing for bankruptcy. The most recent announcements from Avaya and Toshiba were surprising to me, but the more I learn about their challenges the more I realize that there is a chasm in the telecom industry.


There are businesses who don't know how to truly embrace the technology changes that are coming faster and faster these days. It is harder for large companies to be nimble and change quickly when it is required. There are the folks who just can't get their head around the changes and quite frankly don’t want to make them. Then at the other end of the spectrum, you have the companies that are new and that’s all they know is the new. They don’t understand the history of the industry or how that impacts the future. Either way, I've come to appreciate that ITS is a small/medium business that continues to evolve as technology does, is nimble enough to turn on a dime when needed yet has the longevity of being successful in this industry for over 25 years.

For all of the Avaya or Toshiba dealers out there who are wondering what to do next, read on. While I'm sure you are being approached by many vendors promising a great product and a great support offering, be sure you also look for a company that is resilient and can help your business succeed for years to come. Look for a partner who will help you transition your business into the new technologies as they arise while still providing offerings that support your existing customer base. Also, make sure you partner with a company that has a strategic vision that complements yours.

ITS could be that company and if you are looking for a partner that is in it for the long haul and cares about your business as much as our own, call us today 805-520-7020 or visit us at