Why ITS?

Technology is complex – at ITS we make it simple.

Our purpose at ITS is to serve you and your business. After all, if it wasn’t for our legions of wonderful, and very loyal, customers we wouldn’t be here.

So why should you entrust your small or medium-sized business’s telecommunications and technology to ITS?


Imagine your business is running smoothly. Profits are up, customers are raving about you, employees are happy. Everything seems great except for the fact that your telecom and IT systems are relying on antiquated technologies. One hiccup and your good fortune takes a turn for the worse. Think about it. What happens if a server crashes and your network fails? Or your entire telephone network goes down? Even worse, what if critical data is lost?

Unfortunately, you know the situation all too well. You’ll spend the next several hours trying to diagnose the problem while your telecom and IT service providers point the finger at one another. And what happens while you’re waiting for service to be restored? Your business suffers. Your sales team can’t access customer information. Your logistics department can’t track inventory. Your customer service team can’t support customers.

There is a better solution. Meet ITS: a full-service technology provider of Voice, Internet, Cloud and Managed IT services. Based in Simi Valley and serving the Southern and Central California business community since 1990, ITS is a single provider for all of your technology needs. We eliminate the frustration of technology, and offer customized solutions with personalized service and simplified, consolidated billing. What’s more, ITS is an AT&T Partner Exchange Platinum solution provider, which means you get access to the full suite of AT&T solutions at competitive prices.

Is your business finally ready to migrate to the cloud? Perhaps you’re interested in fiber Internet with wireless backup. Maybe you’re just fed up with all the finger pointing and want one reliable partner who understands your business and can manage everything for you?

At ITS, we build relationships with our customers. We take the time to understand your business and its technology goals. After switching to ITS, if your business experiences a disaster, you’ll speak directly to the people that are managing your infrastructure who can have your business data restored within minutes 24 hours/day, seven days a week.

Want to learn more? Call us today to see how we can modernize your communcations so you can concentrate on what matters most: growing your business. Need more reasons to trust ITS with your technology solutions? Read on...

ITS offers personalized service –

  • We answer the phone with a live person within three rings! And you will get to know us by name.
  • Simplification – all services regardless of carrier are tailored to meet your individual business needs – you’ll have one point of contact for all of your services.
  • Professional staff with over 25 years of carrier service experience and the ability to solve your problems.

ITS has simplified billing and online reporting –

  • One bill for all of your services regardless of the underlying carrier/provider .
  • Simple and useful online management reports.
  • Option to manage and pay your bill online.

At ITS we are your one source for all your business technology needs –

  • Whether it is desktop and network support, cloud based services, internet access, VoIP phone systems, or toll free services, we are your single provider for all your business technology needs.
  • We are carrier agnostic and we offer the best possible business solution based on a greater understanding of service types and carriers.

ITS saves you time and removes the hassle of dealing with technology –

  • Keep your existing numbers so there’s no downtime when switching from another carrier.
  • Work with a dedicated team who has knowledge of all of your services
  • Large carriers have high employee turnover, which means your service experience and quality of service is inconsistent and can suffer. With ITS we develop a relationship so we have familiarity with your account and business.

ITS offers bottom line savings and confidence –

  • With competitive pricing and tailored solutions we save our customers time and money
  • The big carriers can only offer you the products they have, not what is best for your business. With ITS we find the best solution for your business oftentimes by combining services from multiple carriers.
  • Avoid difficult sales processes that are different from product to product with the larger carriers.
  • Enjoy better response times than you get directly with the larger carriers – because we have wholesale arrangements and trained technicians to directly assist and speed up the troubleshooting process to minimize down time.

ITS has been providing simplified technology solutions for more than 25 years –

  • Since 1990 we have offered complete communication solutions to local businesses in throughout Ventura County, Los Angeles County and Santa Barbara County. Our customers have headquarters all over Central and Southern California with remote offices located all across the United States.
  • We support local businesses by hiring local talent to support the economy and community.
  • We have employees that live throughout Simi Valley, Thousand Oaks, Camarillo, Agoura Hills, the San Fernando Valley and Valencia.
  • We sponsor local school ball teams and charities that support the communities we serve.

At ITS we are committed to and pride ourselves on our values - to our employees, our community, the environment, and most of all our clients. Our values are part of our corporate culture and are the driving force behind everything we do. We provide our customers with peace of mind knowing you are dealing with technology professionals with a company that’s been around since 1990.

Isn’t it time your business felt the ITS effect?

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