Keeping Your Passwords Squeaky Clean

Did you know that the average person uses the same three to seven passwords to log in to over 170 online accounts? In addition to being reused, these passwords are often weak and can be easily guessed by cybercriminals. If cybercriminals guess these passwords, they could access the majority of their victim’s online accounts.

20 Ways to Block Mobile Attacks

Mobile devices have become an increasingly vital component of many organizations’ IT infrastructure. The surge of remote work makes these devices the most convenient choice for many employees. However, mobile devices also carry significant security risks.

Protect Your Personal Information

For years, we’ve been warned not to share too much personal information with people we meet online. Now, you can shop online for almost any product, manage your finances with online banking services, and chat with friends and strangers on social media platforms.

Security Hints & Tips – Social Engineering Study Guide

Social engineering is when someone tries to manipulate you into performing an action or sharing confidential information. Unfortunately, cybercriminals use social engineering to access computer systems, gather information, or make money. Most successful social engineering attacks are caused by human error.