Voice Services FAQs

Direct Inward Dialing (DID) trunks allow businesses to direct multiple phone numbers to one or more trunk groups. Basic phone lines, on the other hand, provide only one number per line. DID trunks only allow for inbound calls while a business line supports both outbound and inbound calls.
Yes. The remote call forward feature is commonly used for businesses that have moved outside of their existing area, but want to preserve their existing phone number. It enables your clients and customers to continue calling the phone number they are familiar with, while the call is forwarded to your business’ new location. With the remote call-forwarding feature, your business is responsible for paying all associated usage charges on forwarded calls.
As a new ITS customer we will be responsible for getting your new phone numbers and porting over your existing telephone numbers as appropriate. In order for us to obtain new numbers or port existing numbers on your behalf, we need a signed Letter of Agency allowing us the authority to make these changes.
It is a phone number without a directly associated phone line. The benefit of a VTN is that you can have a “local” telephone number without the need of having a physical presence in that area.

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