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ITS provides the fastest and most reliable internet to keep your business running at high speed

You get emails, flyers and see constant ads for the lowest rates in town for internet. But how do you know what’s available at your locations and what the right speeds are for your business. As your technology partner we evaluate your site and provide you with internet options based on your needs. We’re not carrier specific, we’re more focused on getting you the right speeds at the best rate while also focusing on reliability.

The right answers start with the right questions. ITS evaluates your business needs to deliver internet access solutions that serve the exact demands of your company and industry. With ITS Internet Access, you can trust that your WiFi connection is managed by professionals and is always reliable, fast and secure.


From Fiber to 4G Failover, our solutions ensure that you stay connected, maximize your work efficiency, and maintain client satisfaction.

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What are the 4 different types of internet?

Dedicated Fiber

Offering the fastest speeds ranging from 500Mbps - 20Gbps and not shared with other neighboring businesses, Dedicated Fiber is also the highest in price. That's because Dedicated Fiber is designed for businesses and structures that have high-speed needs and require as much guaranteed uptime as possible.


Is your business running in the cloud or using a hosted phone system? Then dedicated fiber is for you.

Business Fiber

​With speeds ranging from 500Mbps - 1Gbps, Business Fiber is ideal for small to medium sized businesses needing to balance highspeed internet with the price by utilizing a shared fiber circuit.


Benefits include higher reliability than coax (cable) as Fiber is a passive system. During power outages, a fiber-optic network is less likely to be interrupted or go down. Also, symmetrical upload and download speeds are a major plus when video conferencing.


Is your business looking for fast speeds at a reduced rate? Accessibility is the only downside as it’s not readily available everywhere. Contact a member of our team to confirm availability.


Cable Internet can be a great value for small businesses that don't require heavy, high-speed internet use. With asymmetrical speeds ranging from 300Mbps - 1GB, businesses are still getting more than what's needed at a better price. Plus, cable is also more accessible than business fiber internet making it a more affordable option.

Fixed Wireless

Is your business in an area with limited or no wired internet service to your building? Are you looking for a small failover internet connection in the event of an outage? We deliver high-speed fixed wireless internet service to eligible locations via an outdoor antenna on your structure. With speeds from 5Mbps up to 1Gbps, your employees can download, upload, browse and stream as needed with no data cap.

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What happens when your internet goes down?

Internet outages lead to downtime, which can sink your productivity and affect your bottom line. We understand how critical internet is to your business operations and ITS is committed to ensuring that each of our clients stay connected with dedicated support and service from our technicians.

ITS is proud to offer White Glove services that give your business access to our local, in-house technicians who:

  • keep your internet online with 24/7 Support,

  • know your technical requirements and limits,

  • communicate with your team about updates and potential issues,

  • help you scale your internet bandwidth,

  • and serve you with fast, friendly responses.   


ITS Internet Access Solutions


Managed & Secure WiFi Services

Fiber &
Business Internet


4G Failover - Wireless Internet Backup

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Contact ITS to Upgrade to High Speed Internet with 24/7 Support


Empower your business to thrive with fast and reliable IT Support and Services

Proactively protect your data from external or internal threats, disasters, and human error

Enjoy all the benefits of modern communication solutions that are tailored to your needs for an affordable price

ITS provides the fastest and most reliable internet to keep your business running at high speed

ITS Cloud Solutions accelerate your company processes and boost your organization's efficiency

ITS Compliance Solutions enable organizations to align with established standards, keep sensitive data secure, and reduce security risks

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